ss utility - another utility to investigate sockets

介紹一款簡單易用的 TCP, UDP, Socket 連線檢查工具 - ss utility

netstat 指令已經淘汰了,現在大多用 ss 的指令取代 use netstat, ifconfig, ndp, arp, route 等網路指令,這邊簡單介紹安裝與操作

ss utility 運行畫面



sudo yum install iproute iproute-doc


sudo apt-get install iproute2 iproute2-do



macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 之後的版本才可以安裝與使用

# Option 1. install from Homebrew
brew install iproute2mac

# Option 1. Manual install
curl --remote-name -L
chmod +x
mv /usr/local/bin/ip

這邊稍微注意指令換成 ip, 而且參數也不太相同,用了一陣子後還是暫時擱著了.

Usage Examples


  • 列出當前所有連線

  • 列出所有與 TCP 協議有關連線的資訊

    ss -t -a
  • 列出所有與 UDP 協議有關連線的資訊

    ss -u -a
  • 列出所有連線相關的處理程序識別號(PID)

    ss -p
  • 列出所有連線相關的統計資訊

    ss -s


參考 ss(8) - Linux man page

也可以透過 MAN 指令查詢:

man ss
  • -h, –help
    Show summary of options.
  • -V, –version
    Output version information.
  • -n, –numeric
    Do now try to resolve service names.
  • -r, –resolve
    Try to resolve numeric address/ports.
  • -a, –all
    Display all sockets.
  • -l, –listening
    Display listening sockets.
  • -o, –options
    Show timer information.
  • -e, –extended
    Show detailed socket information
  • -m, –memory
    Show socket memory usage.
  • -p, –processes
    Show process using socket.
  • -i, –info
    Show internal TCP information.
  • -s, –summary
    Print summary statistics. This option does not parse socket lists obtaining summary from various sources. It is useful when amount of sockets is so huge that parsing /proc/net/tcp is painful.
  • -4, –ipv4
    Display only IP version 4 sockets (alias for -f inet).
  • -6, –ipv6
    Display only IP version 6 sockets (alias for -f inet6).
  • -0, –packet
    Display PACKET sockets.
  • -t, –tcp
    Display only TCP sockets.
  • -u, –udp
    Display only UDP sockets.
  • -d, –dccp
    Display only DCCP sockets.
  • -w, –raw
    Display only RAW sockets.
  • -x, –unix
    Display only Unix domain sockets.
  • -f FAMILY, –family=FAMILY
    Display sockets of type FAMILY. Currently the following families are supported: unix, inet, inet6, link, netlink.
  • -A QUERY, –query=QUERY, –socket=QUERY
    List of socket tables to dump, separated by commas. The following identifiers are understood: all, inet, tcp, udp, raw, unix, packet, netlink, unix_dgram, unix_stream, packet_raw, packet_dgram.
  • -D FILE, –diag=FILE
    Do not display anything, just dump raw information about TCP sockets to FILE after applying filters. If FILE is - stdout is used.
  • -F FILE, –filter=FILE
    Read filter information from FILE. Each line of FILE is interpreted like single command line option. If FILE is - stdin is used.
  • FILTER := [ state TCP-STATE ] [ EXPRESSION ]
    Please take a look at the official documentation (Debian package iproute-doc) for details regarding filters.


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